James W. Roberson Sentenced to 46 Years for Burglary

James W. Roberson, 25, of Louisville was sentenced to 46 years incarceration and four years supervised probation Monday for his role in a violent burglary of a New Albany couple last January.

Roberson, and another as yet unidentified accomplice, forcibly entered the couple’s home, assaulted the husband and wife by breaking the woman’s leg and then tasing the husband repeatedly, robbed them, placed a gun to the woman’s head and pulled the trigger twice, asked for another gun to “finish them off,” and then confined them in separate rooms before stealing their vehicles.

Roberson was identified in a six person line-up by the victims and a woman he was previously living with who was the tenant of the victims. Roberson was previously known to one of the victims through his relationship with that tenant. He likewise failed a stipulated polygraph test.

At the sentencing hearing, Prosecutor Keith Henderson told Floyd Superior Court 3 Judge Maria Granger that Roberson has no respect for authority. Roberson’s criminal record shows that he has been arrested at least 10 times and has been convicted of multiple offenses.

“He has shown from his actions, that the rules don’t apply to him,” Henderson said. “He is a violent individual who should be removed from the community.”

Floyd County Jail officials also testified to the fact that Roberson accumulated a record of numerous jail incidents resulting in his placement in an isolation cell for over 100 days while awaiting judgment in this case.

Judge Granger sentenced Roberson to a total term of 50 years for the Class A Felony offense of Robbery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury. Forty-six years will be spent with the Indiana Department of Corrections with four years supervised probation. With Good Time Credit, Roberson’s earliest release date is 4/1/2032; his latest release date is 4/1/2055.

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