Butler University Leadership Conference

Prosecutor Keith Henderson participated at a leadership conference to encourage student participation in government in February at Butler University in Indianapolis. The event was hosted by the Butler University College Republicans and Young Democrats. Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall Shepard was also present as a speaker.

Both Mr. Henderson and Chief Justice Shepard discussed leadership; they discussed types of leaders, what it takes to be a good leader, and why it is important for students to aim for leadership positions as a way to impact the future of their communities and themselves.

“College is a pressure packed time when you’re thinking about your careers,” Henderson told the Butler audience. “Maybe you don’t know today what you’re going to do in the future. Either way, you have to be on base when the ball is going to be hit.”

The Prosecutor also emphasized that a good leader is someone who appreciates that change is sometimes necessary in order to create a positive impact: “People get used to the way things are and don’t think about how things could be–sometimes that’s the biggest problem.”

Mr. Henderson continued by saying that many people in the general public do not realize that they have the ability to make a difference. He encouraged civic participation in local government and community meetings and said, “Sometimes what someone in the public has to say is something no one else has thought before.”

Mr. Henderson also talked about the importance of finding a career that suits the individual: “If you don’t enjoy what you do, no amount of money will buy you that happiness and satisfaction. Find a career where you look forward to each day’s new challenges and possibilities.”

“A good leader has to have a thick skin. The gauge of success is not in being liked by your peers or the people that you govern, but instead it’s in being respected by those people,” he said.

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