Christopher Brightman Convicted of Theft; Receiving Stolen Property in Superior Court 1 Jury Trial

Christopher Brightman

Jeffersonville resident Christopher Brightman, 50, was found guilty by a Floyd Count jury on Thursday for the offenses of Theft and Receiving Stolen Property–both Class D felonies.

After the verdict was announced, in what was supposed to be a bifurcated proceeding, Brightman entered a blind plea to Count 3, a Habitual Offender enhancement.

Judge Susan Orth set a sentencing hearing for October 29, 2010.

Brightman faces a penalty range of six months to three years on each Class D felony; one year and six months to four years and six months due to the Habitual Offender enhancement; a combination with a potential for a a possible penalty range of two years and six months to 10 years and six months imprisonment and/or probation.

Deputy Prosecutor Timothy L. Gray handled the case of behalf of the State of Indiana. Brian Chastain represented the defendant as court appointed public defender.

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