Recent Jury Trials in Floyd County: Week of November 15-19

The Floyd County Prosecutor’s Office represented the State of Indiana in two recent jury trials in Floyd Circuit Court and Floyd Superior Court 1 during the week of November 15-19.

In Floyd Superior Court 1, Deputy Prosecutor Timothy Gray presented a jury with the case of State of Indiana v. Jerry Askren. Askren, a resident of Clarksville, Indiana, was accused of Child Molesting as a Class A felony and the Repeat Sexual Offender sentencing enhancement.

The jury–comprised of eight women and four men–delivered a “not-guilty” verdict after five hours of deliberation.

In Floyd Circuit Count, Chief Deputy Prosecutor Steven Owen was assisted by Deputy Prosecutor Maria Joshi in the prosecution of Raymond Rhodes. A Louisville resident, Rhodes was charged with Dealing in Cocaine as a Class A felony and Possession of Marijuana, a Class A misdemeanor.

The jury returned with a verdict of “guilty” on count two, the Possession of Marijuana charge, but came to an impasse on the first count of Dealing in Cocaine, which resulted in a mistrial on count one. The State anticipates re-trying the case at a later date.

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