Prosecutor Participates as Panel Speaker at Leadership Southern Indiana Conference

On Wednesday, March 9, 2011, the Floyd County Prosecutor participated as a panel member during a conference hosted by Leadership Southern Indiana on issues of illegal drug use and the coordination of law enforcement efforts to address the issue throughout the Louisville Metro area.

During the panel discussion, Prosecutor Keith Henderson emphasized the necessity of maintaining current drug laws in order to hold offenders accountable for their actions, noting that this need is especially important during an age when so many drug cases lead to violence.

“Even is the face of tough budgetary constraints currently encountered by state governments, it’s imperative that Indiana–unlike many surrounding states–maintain a balance in criminal adjudications by holding the worst of the worst accountable through the administration of prison sentences, while at the same time offering rehabilitation for non-violent first time offenders who truly demonstrate a need and willingness to change their lives for the better, and who want to make a commitment to rehabilitation,” said Mr. Henderson.

The Indiana Legislature has recently considered amending and/or repealing some current drug laws in an effort to decrease the Indiana prison population. Each of the 91 elected Indiana Prosecutors has voiced concern that such changes would impact local communities in a negative manner and cause many undesired consequences that would jeopardize public safety.

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