Expired/Unused Medication Disposal

EVERY 2nd Thursday from 2:00 pm –3:00 pm, Floyd Memorial Hospital provides a Drive-Thru Expired/Unused Medication Toss so that expired or unused prescription medications can be safely disposed of and destroyed.

To access the Drive-Thru Expired Drug Toss, use the Green Valley Road entrance to Floyd Memorial Hospital and veer left to proceed to the entrance covered by the large awning. Personnel from the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office will be stationed there to accept your items.

Why shouldn’t I flush, burn, or throw medication away?

  • Medication can contaminate the environment when introduced to water supplies and ground water.
  • Some medications may destroy the helpful bacteria used in sewage treatment facilities and septic systems if flushed down the drain, or they may produce drug-resistant bacteria.
  • Burning medications may release toxic pollutants into the air.
  • Medications may be scavenged from trash receptacles and illegally ingested or sold for profit.
  • By responsibly disposing of unwanted medications, they can’t be taken accidentally or by mistake, which could result in serious health problems.

What items will be accepted for safe disposal?

  • Expired medications.
  • Medications that should have been kept cold but were handled improperly.
  • Bulk or loose tablets and capsules.
  • Needles CANNOT be accepted.

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