CART Team Investigations in 2012

The Floyd County Combined Accident Reconstruction Team (CART) was formed in July 2007 by Floyd County Prosecutor Keith A. Henderson to investigate all fatality crashes and those accidents involving serious bodily injury that may result in criminal charges. CART members have additional training in crash scene reconstruction and diagramming.

The purpose of the CART Team is to provide immediate support and expertise to first responders at qualifying incidents so that a thorough and comprehensive investigation into the circumstances of a motor vehicle accident will be conducted. Thus, on-duty law enforcement personnel are released to regular patrol duties, and CART investigators are able to coordinate community resources and manpower more effectively and in a way that reduces any potential strain on any one law enforcement agency.

In 2012, CART team members were activated to investigate nine motor vehicle accidents resulting in fatalities or serious bodily injury:

  1. March 20, 2012: Personal injury accident (Charlestown Road and I-265)
  2. April 9, 2012: Personal injury accident (E. Spring Street and Silver Street)
  3. April 22, 2012: Fatality (Slate Run Road)
  4. July 28, 2012: Fatality (Daisy Lane and Schell Lane)
  5. August 6, 2012: Car/bicycle personal injury accident (Scottsville Road and Paoli Pike)
  6. September 10, 2012: Fatality (Skyline Drive)
  7. September 13, 2012: Vehicle pursuit resulting in personal injury (SR 111 at Chapel Lane)
  8. October 29, 2012: Quadruple fatality (SR 111 south of New Albany)
  9. October 30, 2012: Fatality (I-265 and I-64)

CART members are drawn from the Floyd County Police Department, New Albany Police Department, and the Indiana State Police.

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