Prosecutor Keith Henderson Delivers Speech to Support Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

On March 16, 2016, Floyd County Indiana Prosecuting Attorney Keith Henderson spoke at The Grand in New Albany, IN at the “Building Brighter Futures Breakfast” hosted by the Child Advocacy Center to promote awareness and educate local leaders on the role of the Child Advocacy Center in conducting forensic interviews, mental health counseling and medical examinations for children suspected of being victims of child sexual abuse.

Mr. Henderson spoke about a case from 2007 in which a 14 year old victim was sexually abused by her mothers’ boyfriend, and then called a liar when she tried to seek help. Mr. Henderson tried the case that returned a verdict of not guilty. This outcome prompted the Prosecutor to evaluate the protocol for forensic interviewing of child sexual abuse cases. It was determined that the most effective and least traumatic option for child victims would be one interview with a Forensic Interviewer and when possible a medical exam performed by a Forensic Pediatrician, both specially trained from Family & Children’s Place. This would prevent the child from having to relive a painful event more than once, as well as reduce the unnerving emotions experienced due to victimization.

Mr. Henderson explained that the Family & Children’s Place now has Child Advocacy Center’s in both Floyd and Clark counties. These facilities perform forensic interviews and provide medical and mental health services. In addition, the Floyd county facility is equipped with non-evasive technology needed to perform forensic medical exams, one of the only Child Advocacy Centers in the state to perform all three functions in one, child friendly environment. These facilities served approximately 320 children that were suspected victims of sexual abuse last year.

Mr. Henderson concluded his remarks by encouraging the audience to support the Child Advocacy Center as it grows in its mission to address child sexual abuse.

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