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Gibson Pleads Guilty to Stephanie Kirk’s Murder: 6/6/2014

Shelby Makowsky Sentenced to 20 Years: 6/6/2014

Prosecutor Speaks to Prosser Criminal Justice Students: 6/6/2014

Shelby Makowsky Pleads Guilty: 4/22/2014

Gibson Sentenced to 65 Years: 4/17/2014

Gibson Pleads Guilty to the 2002 Murder of Karen Hodella: 3/20/2014

Gibson Scheduled For Plea Change in Hodella Murder Case: 3/20/2014

D.A.R.E. Program: Educating Sixth Graders: 3/18/2014

New Albany Woman Sentenced For Murder: 3/18/2014

Trial Update: William Clyde Gibson III: 2/18/2014

Press Conference Scheduled: 2/14/2014

Barlow Sentenced to 44 Years in the Indiana Department of Corrections: 1/13/2014

Barlow Pleads Guilty in the Vehicular Homicide Deaths of Four Victims: 12/20/2013

Most Wanted List Updated: 11/4/2013

Voter Fraud Case Concluded: 10/18/2013

Habitual Offender Sentenced to 20 Years in the Indiana Department of Corrections: 9/6/2013

Kentucky Resident Sentenced: 8/14/2013

Cocaine Dealer Sentenced to 55 years: 5/31/2013

Cart Team Investigations in 2012: 5/16/2013

Prosecutor’s Mock Trial Training: 4/3/2013

Habitual Offender Sentenced to 22 year term: 3/28/2013

New Albany Man to be Sentenced for Murder: 12/10/2012

Update: Most Wanted: 8/22/2012

Christopher Baxter Convicted of Murder: 7/17/2012

Plea Agreement Reached in Randolph Murder: 6/19/2012

New Albany Man Charged with Two Counts of Murder: 5/1/2012

CART Investigates Vehicle Accident Resulting in Critical Injury: 4/23/2012

Expired/Unused Medication Disposal: 2/29/2012

Freddie Love Pleads Guilty to Murder: 2/29/2012

Comment on Appointment of Special Prosecutor in State of Indiana vs. David R. Camm: 2/24/2012

Pedestrian Killed by Hit and Run Driver: 12/29/2011

CART Investigates Pedestrian Fatality on SR 111: 12/21/2011

Jury Convicts Edward Cecil, Jr. in Drug Case: 11/4/2011

Update: Most Wanted: 10/26/2011

Homicide Suspect Charged in New Albany Murder: 9/1/2011

Prosecutor Comments on Benedetti Decision: 6/3/2011

Victim Awareness Night 6/14/2011: 6/3/2011

CART Investigates Motor Vehicle Crash on I-64: 4/28/2011

Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys on Senate Bill 561: 4/6/2011

Prosecutor Participates as Panel Speaker at Leadership Southern Indiana Conference: 3/11/2011

CART Investigates Motor Vehicle Crash on SR 111: 3/9/2011

Prosecutor Participates as Speaker During Lecture on Pain Management Issues in Primary Care: 2/15/2011

Courier-Journal Article Explains Prevalence of Plea Bargains in Criminal Justice System: 1/11/2011

2010 Habitual Offender Report: 1/11/2011

ComputerCOP: Parental Internet Monitoring Software: 11/30/2010

Recent Jury Trials in Floyd County: Week of November 15-19: 11/30/2010

Most Wanted: Two Fugitives Arrested by Local Law Enforcement: 10/1/2010

Christopher Brightman Convicted of Theft; Receiving Stolen Property in Superior Court 1 Jury Trial: 9/30/2010

Prosecutor Keith Henderson Responds to Most Recent Camm Ruling: 8/6/2010

State of Indiana v. Robert M. Nolan Sentencing Hearing: 8/6/2010

Jeremy Carroll Arrested on Warrant Issued for Fatal Vehicle Crash: 7/30/2010

Robert Matthew Nolan Found Guilty on All Counts; Must Register as a Sex Offender for Life: 7/2/2010

Charles Leatherbury Pleads Guilty to Child Molesting; Sentencing Hearing Set for Mid-July: 7/2/2010

Dale R. Whalin Sentenced to 50 Years in Child Molestation Case: 6/29/2010

Update—Floyd County’s Most Wanted: 6/16/2010

Prosecutor Comments on David Camm’s Request for Appointment of Third Judge: 6/10/2010

Floyd County Warrant Roundup Follows Two Month Undercover Investigation: 6/9/2010

Victim Awareness Night—4/22/2010: 4/12/2010

Keith Henderson at University of Louisville School of Nursing Lecture Event: 4/6/2010

Butler University Leadership Conference: 4/6/2010

Victim’s Awareness Night: 3/16/2010

Daniel L. Wariner Sentenced to 10 Years After Blind Plea in Two Separate Dealing in Cocaine Cases: 3/16/2010

Address Confidentiality Program: 3/16/2010

Michael D. Hall Arrested on Outstanding Warrant for Non-Support of a Dependent Child: 2/2/2010

Clarksville Man Convicted of Battery by Means of a Deadly Weapon: 1/29/2010

2009 Habitual Offender Report: 12/31/2009

Yvonne Kersey Sentenced to Class D Felony Maintaining a Common Nuisance Charge: 12/18/2009

James W. Roberson Sentenced to 46 Years for Burglary: 12/16/2009

Robert James, Sr. Pleads Guilty in Child Molestation Case: 12/14/2009

Santa’s Legal Dream Team: 12/09/2009

MADD KY Candlelight Vigil 2009: 12/04/2009

State Will Re-Try Camm: 12/03/2009

Recent Camm Pleading: 12/02/2009

Prosecutor Honored with Family & Children’s Place Gold Medal Award: 11/19/2009

  • Prosecutor’s Victim Assistance Coordinator

    A victim of crime in connection with criminal charges filed by this office may be eligible to receive assistance from our Victim's Assistance Coordinator.

    The Victim’s Assistance Coordinator provides information for victims through interactions with law enforcement, prosecutors and during court proceedings; by providing support and guidance to victims and their families; by informing victims of their rights; and by advising victims and/or their families of case developments and any upcoming trial court or hearing dates.