Criminal Division

Administrative Staff

The administrative staff for the Office of the Floyd County Prosecutor manages the day-to-day workings of the office and ensures that our organization is able to operate efficiently with a high level of quality performance and professionalism. Our administrative staff can assist you with general questions, as well as with our Bad Check Program and Infraction Deferral Program.

Mary Jo Loop, Office Manager

Emily Tempo, Paralegal

Susan Daugherty, Receptionist

Serena Liebert, Special Programs Coordinator

Allie Gress, Information & Technology Specialist

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigation Division works both independently and with other law enforcement agencies to gather supplementary information and evidence in criminal investigations. The office investigators appreciate any information the public can provide. To report tips directly to the Criminal Investigation Division, call the Floyd County Prosecutor’s Office at (812) 948-5422.


  • Biographical information and description of investigators’ responsibilities within the office.

Arrest to Sentence Guide

  • Description of the criminal justice process in Floyd County, Indiana from a criminal investigation and arrest to sentencing.

Floyd County Combined Accident Reconstruction Team (CART)

  • Describes the purpose, personnel, training, equipment, and incidents pertaining to the CART Team.

Southern Indiana Child Advocacy Center (CAC)

  • Describes the goals of this community resource and the services provided to children and families who may be affected by child sexual abuse.

Protective Orders and No-Contact Orders

  • Detailed information on the differences between the two and the process of obtaining the necessary paperwork and order for your specific situation.

Victim and Witness Services

  • Overview of victim and witness services provided by this office.

Habitual Offenders

  • Program overview of the Habitual Offender Program in Floyd County; current statistics; description of statutes.
  • Prosecutor’s Victim Assistance Coordinator

    A victim of crime in connection with criminal charges filed by this office may be eligible to receive assistance from our Victim's Assistance Coordinator.

    The Victim’s Assistance Coordinator provides information for victims through interactions with law enforcement, prosecutors and during court proceedings; by providing support and guidance to victims and their families; by informing victims of their rights; and by advising victims and/or their families of case developments and any upcoming trial court or hearing dates.