Victim & Witness Services

The Floyd County Prosecutor’s Office Victim Assistance Coordinator is here to assist you to the extent that you have experienced any physical, emotional, or financial impact as a victim of any crime that occurred within Floyd County.

As a victim, you have certain rights, including the right to inform the Court of how the crime has affected you and your family. As a victim, if the defendant is convicted of a crime, you have the right to appear at the defendant’s sentencing and express your opinion as to what length or type of sentence the defendant should receive. You have the right to report your losses and/or damages and to expect that restitution will be ordered at sentencing. Finally, you may be present in Court for all matters pertaining to the crime.

If you are a victim of a crime in Floyd County, please do not hesitate to contact our Victim Assistance Coordinator, Angela Capps, or one of our Investigators at (812) 948-5422.

  • Prosecutor’s Victim Assistance Coordinator

    A victim of crime in connection with criminal charges filed by this office may be eligible to receive assistance from our Victim's Assistance Coordinator.

    The Victim’s Assistance Coordinator provides information for victims through interactions with law enforcement, prosecutors and during court proceedings; by providing support and guidance to victims and their families; by informing victims of their rights; and by advising victims and/or their families of case developments and any upcoming trial court or hearing dates.